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Customer Service

General FAQs

What are your hours of operation? The Turkey Knob Offices are open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 4:30pm Eastern Standard time. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, but you are welcome to call us at 1-866-887-5662 to leave a detailed message so that we can return your call as soon as we are back at the office.


Are your apples available year-round? No, our apples are harvested from August to November, with different varieties ripening at different times. We usually sell our whole harvest by February or early March each year. See the availability chart for more details.


Why isn't my favorite variety available? Our orchards are at the mercy of Mother Nature. On rare occasions we may have some varieties wiped out by hail or frost. We want to assure you though, that we only ship apples that make the "Extra Fancy, Premium Grade" to make sure that you receive only our best apples.


What are the storage recommendations? We strongly recommend that our apples are stored in a refrigerator as soon as they are received, until they are consumed. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective at Turkey Knob and if these recommendations are followed you should have no quality issues with your apples.


Do you only ship apples? We are excited to be adding Peaches and Nectarines to our list of fruit we will be able to ship, starting around July 2012. Due to the perishability of Peaches and Nectarines, we will only be able to ship these to Eastern States, where they can be delivered within 2 days.



Where do you ship? What shipping methods do you offer? We use FedEx for all our shipping needs. We require a 3 day maximum delivery time, because we do not want our apple "on the road" for longer than 3 days. If you are shipping to areas that FedEx Ground cannot deliver to within 3 days, we require the Express Saver option be used to get the apples to their destimation within 3 days.

We typically ship apples on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid the shipment being held at a depot over the weekend. On some occasions, if we know that FedEx can deliver in less than 3 days, we may ship your order on Wednesdays.


Please note that PEACHES and NECTARINES will have to arrive at their final destination within 2 days. We will only be able to ship Peaches and Nectarines to Eastern States, unless we use FedEx Express 2-day service. Please call us at 1-866-887-5662 for pricing for this option.


Which States require Express Saver shipping? States that currently require Express Saver shipping for APPLES are: UT, WY, MT, ND, WA, OR, ID, NV and CA. If you need shipping to AZ please call us directly at 1-866-887-5662. We can also ship apples to HI and AK. Please call us at 1-866-887-5662for specific pricing for shipping to these States and about special shipping options for Peaches and Nectarines.


What can I expect to pay for shipping? Shipping costs are based on our FedEx calculator which pull real-time FedEx rates from their website, based on the shipping zipcode. Please contact us for pricing on any other shipping methods at 1-866-887-5662


Can I customize my Apples of the Month Club order? We can customize your Apple of the Month Club order in several ways. For orders that are less than 7 months we can customize which months you receive- they do not have to be consecutive months. We have picked specific varieties to be shipped in specific months. If the apple of that month is not to your liking, you are welcome to call us at 1-866-887-5662 and we can advise you what other varieties are available for that month. Please keep in mind that summer apples like Ginger Gold and Gala may not be at their peak in February, but we will advise you when you call us. We have also pre-determined shipping dates for the apple of the month club fruit. If you need us to customize the dates so that your fruit arrives for a special occasion or when you will be home to enjoy it, please let us know!



How much fruit comes in a box? Our fruit boxes come in 2 sizes, approx. 10lb and 20lb. Our 10lb box with between 16 and 20 apples, depending on the size of the apples and the 20lb box contains between 36 and 40 apples, also depending on the size of the apples.


I love a specific variety I received as a gift. Can I purchase specific varieties separately? All of our apples are available to purchase online or by calling us to place your order. Because we are dealing with a product of Mother Nature some varieties may not be available in certain months. Our apples are only available from August thru February, because that is when our apples are fresh.


Which credit cards do you accept? We accept American Express, MasterCard and VISA.


Can I ship to multiple addresses? Yes, simply register as an account holder and add your friends and family addresses to your address book. There will be a link to checkout with multiple addresses in the cart. Scroll down to find the link!


I need to make a change to my order- how can I do that? Changes can be made by contacting our customer service team at 1-866-887-5662 or by email at All changes must be made a day before your order was slated to be shipped. We cannot make any changes after the order has shipped.


Can I cancel an order? If your order has not shipped, we will be happy to cancel it. To do so, please contact our customer service department immediately at 1-866-887-5662.



Is it safe to use my credit card online? Our site is 100% secure and tested regularly to insure that your information is safe.


Will you share my information with anyone else? We do not share your phone number or email address with anyone else. Your information will only be used to confirm your order and update you with our Turkey Knob Apples news and promotions



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